What is "Value-Added"?
While the use of the term "value-added" has become overused, its original meaning is still a vital success factor needed for survival in the industry. We've learned from our customers that delivering name brand hardware on a timely basis is only part of what they expect from a resellers. We take the value-add concept and add the exclusivity required to gain the competitive advantage. In other words, Nu-Age Industries will be justifiably perceived as knowing more about our customers' needs and their environment than our customers themselves know. We are continually enhancing our sales organization to maximize efficiencies and provide you with profitable soluions. We believe that creating customer loyalty begins with understanding the needs of the end user first, then developing programs & supplying computer products to assist you in meeting those needs.

Optimum System Configuration Service
We are not limited to any specific manufacturer. Rather, we work with you to arrive at the right system configuration that best fits your needs, including comprehensive parts itemization, deployment and maintenance. Whether a customer needs advice on which system to purchase or needs help solving a problem post-sale, our system engineers are there to help. Our customers can rely on our experience to make things run smoothly. Any system purchased from Nu-Age Industries will be configured to your individual requirements, so that systems are received ready-to-run. This gives our customers more time to focus on other aspects of their business. So not only do we bring you industry-leading manufacturers for all of your needs, we add value that affects your bottom line. Our professional services and pre-sales support team help you get quality products at the most competitive prices with every purchase. Isn't that what you want from your reseller?

Built-to-Order Program
We realize that different corporations have different needs. Whether you need preconfigured systems or custom configurations, Nu-Age Industries has you covered. We are forging ahead with plans to penetrate the "white box" market. What we are seeing is that there is some significant demand for a "white box" with branded components. The message today in the direct market is that lowest price is also best value. Although price is important, it only represents a portion of the cost that you incur in placing a fully functional device in your environment. Our services fill the technology gap left out by direct and other integrators who provide equipment with little or no product and system support. Each of Nu-Age Industries' services is designed to help companies gain the highest return on their IT investments by managing cost, reducing risks and enhancing productivity.

    As an authorized reseller of Apple, Compaq, Dell, HP, Microsoft, IBM, Nortel, & Toshiba. We offer competitive prices with the highest quality customer satisfaction, as well as leasing solutions with our partners who provide competitive rates and direct sales to the customer.

Nu-Age Industries delivers high-tech and intelligent solutions for today's fast paced business. Success in the computer world now requires resellers and customers to work together with great precision.



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